• Buyers
  • Save time on connection!
  • Save time on mapping!
Buyers will enjoy great benefits sourcing products from HotelsTrack. With a single integration, Buyer gets access to all the Channel Managers, Hotels and suppliers. With our DIY approach to manage connections, Buyer can LIVE a connection with a hotel or supplier on the same day.

Why pay more?
It is commonly known that most of the system has different API specification and doing integration takes a lot of time. Mapping to your suppliers is also one of a big obstacle/problem in the industry.

Now we offer you a solution, introducing “Hotelstrack”, a multi corridor for all buyers who want to save cost, time of integration and mapping fees. With just a single integration to Hotelstack API, this is the key you’re looking for, connecting you to many suppliers and access many systems. One stop mapping module will help all buyers to save time and resources.

Buyers Features & Benefits

  • Receive both dynamic and static rates from hotels and suppliers
  • One connection to reach out to all the hotels and suppliers
  • One-time mapping to Hotelstrack codes
  • Preconnected hotels and suppliers awaiting Buyer to Live the connection
  • No “look to book” ratio
  • Buyer trades with local currency of each supplier
  • Buyer pays directly to hotels and suppliers
  • DIY approach to LIVE connection
  • Smart Dashboard providing MIS Reports and tool for connection with hotels and suppliers.
Buyer Workflow Buyer Workflow

How to Join?

  • Interact with Hotelstrack team
  • Buyer integrate to Hotelstrack’s platform
  • Buyer access dashboard to connect with Hotels and Suppliers
  • Buyer can start trading
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