• Suppliers
  • Widen distribution
  • to reach global buyers
  • at minimal cost!

HotelsTrack support both the online and traditional offline suppliers to distribute their products.

Leveraging on the connected Buyers in HotelsTrack, suppliers are now able to reach out to global wholesalers today. HotelsTrack arm Suppliers with limited or no technical capabilities to reach out to the global online websites.

It is almost impossible for suppliers to reach all buyers but with Hotelstrack, a multi - super corridor platform, that can easily be done. We know that to accommodate high traffic search requires a high cost and advanced technology. Let Hotelstrack do the distribution for you.

There are many options in Hotelstrack to assist you, such as, an extranet loading, API integration pull and push, CSV files making it convenient to increase sales. Our goal is to distribute your products electronically to the world. With a single mapping of your products to centralize standard web service code, all buyers will get your products real time.

Hotelstrack is a best market place for you with the concept of everyone can sell!

Suppliers Features & Benefits

  • One single connection to reach out to all buyers in HotelsTrack
  • Ready buyers for suppliers to reach out
  • Able to supply to global wholesalers and websites with high search volumes
  • Able to update your rates and availabilities via one connection to all connected buyers
  • Product mapping provided for Web Services

2 ways Supplier can work with HotelsTrack

  • Connect via Web Services
  • Manually Load to Extranet
Supplier Workflow Buyer Workflow

How to Join?

  • Interact with Hotelstrack team
  • Integrate to supplier’s platform; load rates if via Extranet
  • Supplier access dashboard to connect with buyer
  • Supplier can start trading
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