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What is HotelsTrack?

HotelsTrack is a “Multi Super Corridor” linking hotels and suppliers from different distribution channels to a single connection to reach out to the Buyers. Buyers will need to have one connection and able to reach out to both hotels and suppliers distributing in various methods.

Who we are ?

Hotelstrack is a product owned by Ohohho which is incorporated in Singapore. With many years of experiences in the hospitality distribution business and leveraging on more than 300 connectivity of partner company 11-Infotech Thailand, Hotelstrack is the distribution platform for Buyers Hotels and Suppliers to connect with each other seamlessly. Hotels and Suppliers endeavor to distribute online but incapacitated due to technology can ride on the platform to reach out to global online Buyers.

It Starts Here! Are you a Buyer, Supplier or Hotel?

  • Buyers

    HotelsTrack bring great news for the Buyers. Buyer will enjoy great benefits sourcing products from HotelsTrack. For a single integration, Buyer gets access...

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  • Suppliers

    HotelsTrack support both the online and traditional offline suppliers to distribute their products. Leveraging on the connected Buyers in HotelsTrack , suppliers are now able to reach out...

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  • Hotels

    It is literally plug in and start selling to hundreds of travel agencies all over the world. HotelsTrack is connected to various partners platforms...

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Why HotelsTrack?

Hotelstrack brings cost saving and speed of connection to all Buyers, Hotels and Suppliers.
  • Cost Saving With only one connection, Buyer, Hotel and supplier can connect to more than one party to trade.
  • Time Saving Buyer needs only to map one time with Hotelstrack code.
  • Widen Distribution for Hotels and Suppliers Hotels and suppliers are able to sell to Buyers that they have not trade before.
  • Increase Supplier Products Buyers will able to have access to hotels and suppliers that they have never trade before.
  • Ease of Connection Connection can be LIVE by users straight away via dashboard.

How it’s work?

How it’s working?
  • Our Mission

    To aggregate Hotels and Suppliers via all distribution channels to a single connection.

  • Our Visions

    1. Equip Hotels and Suppliers with capabilities to trade with Online Buyers.
    2. Lower the cost of acquisition for clients.
    3. Making connectivity for Buyers, Hotels and Suppliers simple and easy.
  • Our Concept

    1. One connection to reach out to all Hotels & Suppliers.
    2. One-time mapping with all the Suppliers.


Buyer need NOT to map the hotel codes of every suppliers they are connected to. In Hotelstrack, Buyer will just need to map one time with Hotelstrack codes.

How it’s working?
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